Jenna Say What?!?

   Hi! I'm Jenna Say What?!? But you already know that since you are here!  You may know me from my cosplays, but I am so much more than that. 

   I started out modeling around 2010 with Blu Water Modeling. There I not only modeled but I also helped out with the makeup along side the talented Contessa. Sadly Blu Water had to come to an end and I was left to my own devices for Modeling. I did shoots from time to time but nothing compared to what I was doing at that time. I had went to NC Comic Con back in 2012 in a Captain America Costume and TERRIBLY made shield. I felt WAY too overwhelmed especially since I didn't feel I had the talent to make home made cosplays so I stuck Cap back in the closet and decided never again. 

   In 2014 I decided to give NC Comic Con one more try. I had purchased a Captain America Shield and decided to attempt sewing. My husband gave me a quick lesson on the machine and he left for a job, this meant I was on my own to try to make this outfit. After several mental breakdowns I finally made Ms. Marvel. I put her on and looked in the mirror. For the first time, in probably my whole life, I felt powerful. I felt like I could take on everything and anything. This would eventually be something I used to battle my anxiety and depression. 

   In March 2016 I would take my past to the C2E2 stage as It's Not Your Fault, a panel I created to talk about overcoming abuse and bullying though cosplay. It honestly meant a lot to me to debut it in my home state. I still to this day do my panel at conventions (mainly in the Carolinas) because I strongly believe that this panel is an important message to bring to conventions. It is hard to talk about my past of abuse but it is very important to talk about. Too many children and adults think they are alone in this world when they are abused or bullied, but this is quite to opposite. Too many of us survivors feel like we have to fight alone, and some tragically take their lives. My best friend Britney is one of the reasons I do what I do. Suicide is never the answer. If my panel can help one person in the audience then I did what I set out to do. 

   I also have a YouTube channel that I try to keep up with, although I can be kinda bad about it. I haven't found my niche for it yet, but I'll keep posting things till I find out what suits me best. Although I do tend to enjoy jumping to different things, so maybe that's my niche!


Now on Twitch!

You heard correctly! I'm now on Twitch and stream EVERY WEDNESDAY (7pm-9:30pm EST) Please head over to my Twitch and click that heart to follow me!

Did you know I model for companies?

I have worked with companies doing modeling. With a photographer readily available it is easy for me to send out High Resolution pictures for your company to use. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

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FORMALLY Little Space Place Model

Due to circumstances unbeknownst to me I have cut ties with the company and currently am available to promote any other Onesie company. Please fill out a contact form if you have requests! 

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