It's Not Your Fault- A panel about overcoming abuse and bullying through cosplay. I, along with 2-3 other panelists talk about our pasts and how we have overcome our obstacles and found ourselves on the brighter side of life thanks to Cosplay. We also have pamphlets (local to the triangle) for receiving help, National Suicide Prevention Life Line, and A Voice For the Innocent. We try to have all resources available for people who may need it. 
Cons: C2E2 March 2016, Oak City April 2016, Animazement May 2016, Congregate July 2016, Cosplay America October 2016, NC Comic Con November 2016, Illogicon Jan 2017, Oak City March 2017, C2E2 April 2017, Animazement May 2017, Raleigh SuperCon July 2017

Let's Get Spooky!- A fandom panel about everything spooky including podcasts, movies, TV, and so much more! This panel usually has at least one of the following cosplayers on it (along with myself):  Don't Touch My Milk Cosplay, and Haute Glue Cosplay. 
Cons: Oak City March 2017, Raleigh SuperCon July 2017

From Zero to Cosplay- This panel is a beginner guide to the cosplay kingdom. There are several points that we touch on where to begin,changing things to help you feel more comfortable, creating, buying, dealing with bullies to name a few. I am normally accompanied by at least one other cosplayer
Cons- Raleigh SuperCon July 2017

Wiggin Out!- I demonstrate the basics of wigs, styling, dying, aftercare, and many other key elements to making your wig go from flat to fierce. This is a great beginner guide to wigs.

Body Paint 101- I go over the basics of body paint. I show water based, how to apply, seal, and tricks to make water based paint easier. Alcohol based paint, how to apply, and how to get it off! I go over items you will need and loads of tips and tricks for painting your body!